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Santana has a great range of Possum Merino knitwear and Possum Fur products available in store and online.

New Zealand Possum is one of the finest and softest fibres produced by nature.
Possum Fibre is hollow, allowing warm air to be trapped next to the skin. Possum fibre is 7% warmer than wool. Blending with Merino wool creates a strong,
yet fine luxuriously soft yarn which is extremely light weight.

Possum fibre is only available from New Zealand where the possum is found wild in the native forests.
In NZ the Brushtail Possum is a species out of control. Thriving without natural competition, eighty million of these introduced nocturnal marsupials cause enormous ecological damage to our forests and native birds, including New Zealand's national icon, the Kiwi.

Your purchase of this unique product means you have not only acquired a luxurious garment, but you are also helping to save our native forests from devastation.

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